Mangal Dosha Remedies

Mangal Dosha Remedie

Mangal Dosha Remedies :

Introduction: we come across many people in our life, some people enter into marriage life very early. But few people marriage is a delay even at the age of 33 year and they are financial weak also. Most of the people are ignorant about the facts of Mangal dosha. The people who have very little knowledge about Mangal dosha are afraid of it. The few interesting facts about Mangal dosha. Mangal dosha is also known as Kuja dosham in Telugu, Mangal dosha in Hindi, sevvai or chevvai dosham, Angarakan dosha in Tamil so on. In Hindi, the person who is affected by Mangal dosha is known as Manglik. these dosha does not have any gender bias, so can be seen both male and female.

Who is Mangal? What is Mangal dosha?

There are 9 planets in the solar system. In the Hindu astrology, a person’s destiny is decided by 9 planets placement in his/her horoscope during his/her birth. These natal charts allow the astrologer to predict the future and glance a person’s past life and provide assistance appropriately. In nine planets the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus provide beneficial effects to the person. Whereas Saturn, Mars, and Raghu and Ketu proved to give malefic effects. Mangal is planet Mars, the placement of Mars in natal chart 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house is known as Mangal dosha. Those who have this dosha are known as Mangliks.

Characteristics of Mars :

Mars provides the person to be confidence and boldness. The person will be honest and very hardworking. When the Mars positions itself with beneficial planets it helps the person with a Positive approach towards life. When the Mars planet is placed with malefic planets the person is affected by negative thoughts. Generally, Mangliks tend to pick a fight, very outspoken persons, marriage will be delayed for them but married Mangliks will pick a quarrel with life partners in unwanted issue. Financial crises can also be seen in some. Over stress in the job.

These are few Characteristics of Mangliks.

The position of Mars has affected the person accordingly:

Mars positioning in the 1st house is known as Lagna dosha,

  • Influence Health and Happiness of Husband or Wife.
  • Little quarrels and Confusion in the family may occur frequently.
  • Can influence financial status.

Mars positioning in the 2nd house

  • spouse always tends to pick a fight for financial gains.

Mars positioning in the 4th house

  • house is capable of creating misunderstandings and affect the well-being of the life.

Mars positioning in the 7th house

  •  place is certain to affect the Unity, Cooperation, Character, sharing Attitude, Conduct, and Intimacy of the Couple. The intensity of these problems could be strong and severe.

Mars positioning in the 8th house

  • Longevity of person is determined. The life span of the husband and wife will be affected severely.

Mars positioning in the 12th house

  • Will affect the intimacy of the couples and sex life of the person.

Mangal dosha effects:

  1. Skin diseases
  2. Unnecessary fears.
  3. Inferiority complex.
  4. Worried state.
  5. Differences with a spouse.
  6. Kalathira dhosam means 7th house your marriage and material life will be affected.
  7. Fights always lead to divorce.
  8. Husband and wife separated.

Remedies for Mangal dosha:

Our ancestor in their scriptures written in palm leaf and book suggest lots of remedies for the Mangal dosha. Some of the important remedies as follows:

  1. Getting married to Manglik person: these are the oldest and very common practice to get married to two Manglik people said to nullify the effect of Mars. Both Mangliks will be blessed with happy life.
  1. Unmarried person needs to marry a Banana tree, Peepal tree or the Vishnu idol. These rituals believed to take away the malefic effects of the Mars. This marriage is known as kumb vivah.
  1. Fasting on Tuesday is said to decrease the effects of Mars and provides the person with a positive approach to the life.
  1. Chanting mantras like Gayathri mantra can provide with the beneficial phase in the life.
  1. Offering pujas to the Navagraha’s and visiting certain temples like vai thee Swarna temple in Tamil Nadu, Lord Kartikeya temple on Tuesday will ward off the mars effects.
  1. On Tuesday donate 9 red apples to poor it should not be cut. For 7 weeks and 8th and 9th week do abhisheka to Lord Shiva with honey and donate it poorly with red cloth.
  1. Certain kind of gems stones like coral has carefully chosen accordingly to their natal chart, can influence them positively by wearing them.

Summary: an introduction to Mangal dosha. Its causes and remedies for the Mangal dosha. The article provides complete knowledge about the Mangal dosha. Many rituals are conducted all over the India. Very important rituals are indicated to Mangal dosha.

Authors note: Indian astrology is believed to be the most advanced scientific approach towards the human race. For thousands of years, India astrology is survived with palm leaf and scriptures. Lots of research work is being done in the international arena. Nataraja idol in CERN (the European Centre for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva) is the best example for Indian astrology. A person’s destiny can only be altered it cannot be changed.

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