Hindu Astrology

Hindu astrology

Hindu astrology is also called as Vedic astrology or Indian astrology. It is however popularly called as jyotish. Jyotish is a Sanskrit term that has been used from the ancient times for this sacred primordial art or knowledge acquired by the seers through the Vedas and the scriptures and passed on to mortals from time to time and generations to generations.

This eternal knowledge is believed to have originated through the blessings of the merciful lord and is thus considered very sacred. Hindu astrology is a system that helps to forecast future. This is a system that has been time-immemorial. It provides a detailed evaluation abut a persons past, present and future. Moreover the basis and emphasis of the subject on arithmetic furnishes the subject with a scientific and well calculated background. Due to this aspect it is considered to be the most accurate, authentic and trusted system apart from philosophical and spiritual. This system also deems the position or movement of the Grahas or the planets affects an individual’s life grandly.

It is based on 12 zodiac signs that determine a person’s life. These constellations go on from Aries-Pisces (May-April). The astro-works and beliefs in Hindu astrology are laid on the foundation of the moon signs, ascendants signs and sun sign bits. It doesn’t assert on the sun signs.

Advantages of Hindu Astrology in Life :


Hindu astrology sets up an association amid a range of stages of an individual’s existence and terrestrial travels. All of the 9 planets made use of in Hindu Astrology are linked with exacting traits counting non-valuable or valuable, brawny or feeble, and high or incapacitated.

Computation is done to review the future expectations travels of the 9 Grahas from their current locations. Whilst our birth tables are constant, terrestrial objects n individual’s birth table. A lesson of these types of evolution is completed and forecasts are generated. Through this investigation of pros and cons and movement of planets and constellations, a figure or detail is arrived at after which the forecast is made. In case of a negative forecast the person is asked to carry out certain rituals to make good the bad approaching the person in the long run.

Things Hindu Astrology helps an Individual in :


1. Guidelines on curing the intellect, body and spirit :

This sacred study helps in healing the human being of several anxieties in life by offering cures or forecasting better futures. Thus the soul, intellect and body are cured of several tension and worries. This science also furnishes tips that can be used to remedify the trauma suffered by a person due to the exotic lifestyle. They help to provide long-lasting enthusiasm and refresh a person.

2. Horoscope :

Horoscope is prepared soon after the birth of a person and is useful in forecasting an individual’s moral fiber and future state-of-affairs. This study is prepared on the basis of constellary positions and movements.

3. Self introspection :

It spells out the reason for the negative or positive forecasts and seeks to make an individual introspect himself.