Rudraksha are the beads which grow from Rudraksha – Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb trees from select locations of South East Asia (Java, Korea, Parts of Malaysia, Taiwan, China) and South Asia ( Northern India and Nepal). Rudraksha beads have powerful Electromagnetic properties in controlling stress levels, Blood pressure, Hypertension and induce tranquil feeling in the wearer.
It also improves concentration, focus and mental stamina. People of Eastern cultures like Chinese, Buddhist, Tao, Japanese, Zen, Korean and Indian have used Rudraksha widely since ages. It was found that wearing these beads around heart instilled tranquility and calmness, which were found ideal for focussed meditation, which was an important aspect of Eastern culture.

Rudraksha Beads has many other powerful properties in Transforming our personality and outlook in a positive way. Though the powers of Rudraksha have been known since ages 5000 Years. it is since late 1980 that it has become more prominent particularly after the Research done by Group of Scientists lead by Dr. Suhas Roy PhD, etal of Indian Institute of Technology –A prominent Science University of India. A joint study was conducted in coordination with Department of Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering, Psychiatry, General Medicine and Psychology They could prove the powers of Rudraksha Scientifically with reproducible results. We can gladly furnish you the research papers on the Scientific study conducted on Rudraksha Beads.

They have proved that Rudraksha has powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Inductive properties varying for different facetes or facets (the number of divisions on the surface) and on wearing particular facets or set of facets of the Rudraksha beads specific electrical impulses are sent to brain activating certain positive brain centers (brain chemicals) thereby causing Transformation in the personality, outlook, Charisma and Confidence of the wearer. They proved that wearing Rudraksha beads controlled heart beat, in turn the smoothening the amount of blood going to the brain. It can be noted that during times of high stress and lack of focus there is a gushing of blood circulation to brain and when we are relaxed and at peace the amount of blood flowing into the brain is stream lined. With the help of these beads a kind of tranquility, concentration and focus was easily achieved.

They could also prove the impact of wearing Rudraksha beads on the activity of Neuro transmitters, Dopamine, Serotinin etc. and as a result a positive change in personality and mindset. These beads hence were considered to have some supernatural powers and a wonder in Eastern Tradition. By far Rudraksha are the best of the beads when it comes to utility point of view Authentic and High quality beads of Rudraksha Proper – Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb is available mostly in Indonesia and in Nepal other beads of Elaeocarpus family look similar to Rudraksha Proper – that of Ganitrus Roxb. We are the main source of the authentic beads from Indonesia and Nepal. Many around the world have benefited in specific and general ways.

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