Kundali Matching

Kundali matching for Marriage

Kundali Matching Services for a Successful Marriage:

Kundali Matching, also known as Horoscope Matching, is an age-old practice in India, that determines the suitability of two people for marriage. It is a widely revered tradition among Hindus, who believe that the alignment of stars and planets significantly impact one’s life and relationships. Kundali Matching involves comparing the birth charts or Kundalis of the prospective bride and groom to understand the compatibility between them. Today, even in modern times, people still seek Kundali Matching to ensure that their marriage will be harmonious and prosperous. Especially in India, in Hindu societies, where arranged marriages are very common, kundali matching is the most vital step taken into consideration while moving forward with a wedding proposal.

Online Kundali Matching :

Online Kundali Matching is very popular among young couples who want to do love marriage and seek guidance of expert astrologer.One of the important reasons to perform Kundali matching for marriage is to measure the compatibility of the potential bride and groom. It basically checks if the personalities of the boy and girl complement one another. When two people marry, then the movement in planets of 1 of them not only affects their life but also their partners and that we all know the effect planets can wear our life. So in Kundali matching for marriage, expert astrologers check what is going to happen to the work prospects of both the potential bride and groom after marriage. Another important thing that’s looked into while Kundali matching for marriage is that the happiness and health of youngsters. its every couple’s dream to possess their circle of relatives, so within the process of Kundali matching, their compatibility in touch offsprings is additionally checked.

Kundali Matching process has been followed in India for centuries and involves several steps. First, the astrologer analyzes the Kundalis of the prospective bride and groom, examining elements like planets, constellations, and houses. The astrologer then compares the Kundalis in detail, examining factors like Nadi, Gana, and Bhakoot. Nadi refers to the pulse or energy of the person, Gana describes the temperament or nature, and Bhakoot examines the compatibility of the two Kundalis in terms of stars. Based on this analysis, the astrologer provides a score that indicates the level of compatibility between the couple.

Planets and other planetesimal bodies have a keen influence on the lives of each individual. So, when two people join through marriage, it’s significant to make sure that the heavenly bodies complement one another, happiness, leading to peace, and harmony in married life.

How to check Kundali Matching ?

While Kundali Matching is a complex process, it is believed to offer several benefits to the couples. According to Hindu beliefs, Kundali Matching ensures a harmonious couple life by matching the couple’s energy vibrations. It is also believed to prevent disasters like illness, financial troubles, or divorce. Furthermore, it offers insights into the personalities of the couple, helping the families understand the potential match better. Some astrologers also suggest remedies or solutions that couples can follow to strengthen their bond.

This process is administered before declaring the tying of knots between individuals. For the method of Kundali matching the foremost important requirements are the Janam Kundalis of the girl and therefore the boy.

This is required because it is employed for an additional important process within Kundali Matching that’s the Gun Milan. The method of Gun Milan contains eight tests in it, which are majorly considered for the compatibility of the girl and therefore the boy.

Gun Milan contains eight aspects as mentioned earlier. Thus it’s also referred to as Ashtakoot, where ‘Ashta’ means eight and ‘Koota’ means aspects. This method uses the position of the moon particularly, within the girl also because of the boy’s Janam Kundalis.

The aspects or Kootas are as follows:

Jaati Koota :

This aspect helps in checking the compatibility of the girl and therefore the boy on the idea of social background.

It has four subcategories of class also referred to as Varna namely- Brahmin (Uppermost class), Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra (Lowermost class).

Vashya Koota :

To have a correct understanding between the partners, it’s important for this aspect to be fulfilled. This aspect is more focused on cordiality and amenability between the life partners.

This aspect has mainly five categories – Manav or humans, Jalchar or water animals, Chatushpad or small animals, Vanchar or wild animals,  and Keet or insects.

Dina Koota :

This aspect is about getting the happiness and health of the family. Taking the Janam Kundalis of the couple into consideration, this koota focuses on the match that’s made between the astrological entities just like the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies.

Yoni Koota :

Yoni koota helps in knowing the sexual desires and compatibility between a few. To see the aspect of Yoni between the couple, stars or Nakshatra are the key points. This aspect is explained in two forms; either using signs or animal forms.

Graha Maitram Koota :

This koota helps in knowing the presence of Doshas within the couple’s married life. Alongside this, it also predicts the friendliness and affability between the couple so on know the prospects of the union of the couple.

Gana Koota :

This koota is predicated on the match made keeping behaviors in mind. Three categories come under this aspect namely- Deva or god, Manushya or human, and Rakshasa or evil.

Rasi Koota :

To know the compatibility of emotions between a few, this koota is matched. This koota again depends on the location of the moon within the girl and therefore the boy’s Janam Kundali.

Nadi Koota :

This koota helps in knowing the longer-term aspects between the couple just like the upliftment of the family, the genes, health, and lots of other factors. This koota has four categories namely- Vata or air, Kappa, Phlegm, and Pitta or bile.

Therefore, 36 points got to be acquired for an auspicious Gunn Milan method and happy marriage. There are certain effects at certain points through this process. 


 Points to be obtained

















Total points




Kundali matching in Hindi ( Points ) :


Below 18 points : It’s not auspicious for marriage.


18 to 24 points : The points (gun) come under 18 to 24 are Satisfactory and accepted for marriage recommendation.

24 to 32 points : This is often the point of high success and a cheerful marriage.

32 to 36 points : This is often the foremost auspicious and delightful point of matchmaking.

Overall, these are the highly prominent factors that require to be kept in mind regarding the match to get a gorgeous life after the marriage.

There are a couple of promising remedial solutions that also are provided for the long lifespan of the beloved or groom, Finance, Manglik Dosha, Inner peace, etc.

Kundali matching enhances the facility of the celebs and therefore the celestial bodies, influencing the married life of the couple amorously and life.

Types of Dosha’s in Kundali Milan :

There are a number of the doshas present in Kundli Milan for marriage: 

Bhakoot Dosh : this is considered the most serious dosh within the process of Kundali Matching. Bhakoot is claimed to hold 7 points in total within the process of Gun Milan. As per Astrologers if the Bhakoot of the boy and girl are within the combinations of 5-9, 6-8, 2-12, then Bhakoot dosh is present in the kundali Milan. 

Gana Dosh: within the sequence of Kundali matching, 6 points are related to Gana. it’s mainly concerned with the birth of Nakshatra of a private. As astrologers said, when the score of Gana dosh occurs 0, Gana dosh obtained. 

Nadi Dosh: Nadi Dosh is taken into account to be a really serious dosh and has the potential to cause grave problems in marriage. It occurs when the Nadi of the potential bride and groom is the same. 

Mangal Dosh: Mangal dosh is essentially concerned with the impact of Mars on a person’s life. a private who is born under the influence of Mars is understood as Manglik and mangal dosh observed.

Remedies for doshas in kundali matching for marriage :

The following are some remedies to urge obviate the doshas in kundali matching for marriage:

Nadi Dosh : Wear correctional or healing gemstones,  Chanting the Mahamritunjaya Mantra for a selected number of times, as per astrologer advice. Or Doing a Nadi Nirvana Puja.


Mangal Dosh :  a wedding between two Manglik’s isn’t considered unholy, as the dosh cancels out, Arrange a Kumbh vivah, which suggests that the person with Mangal dosh is first married to a  peepal tree or banana tree or maybe a gold/silver statue of Lord Vishnu then to their partner. 

Bhakoot Dosh : Unlike other doshas, the Bhakoot dosh has got to be removed if the couple wants to enjoy a cheerful married life. The consequences of Bhakoot dosh aren’t seen directly, but it acts sort of a slow drug, destroying the connection slowly. As per astrologers, performing some Pujas, reciting mantras, and wearing healing gemstones can convince be really helpful. 

Gana Dosh : If the Rashi or Navmansh lord of the potential bride and the groom is in a good position, then the Gana dosha is nullified. 

Kundali matching by name and date of birth :

In sequence to try kundali matching by name and date of birth, there are two factors that are taken into focus than the compatibility between the couple. Checked. However, if you opt to place just your date of birth, then the knowledge gained would be pretty basic. Hence, no proper idea about the wedding is going to be obtained from this. Therefore, it’s advised to require other factors like name alongside the date of birth into consideration. After the Gun Milan, there are some instances of problems or dosh that may need to appear within the kundlis of the couple. With the assistance of proper astrologers, these problems are often tackled. But if the required action isn’t taken at the proper time then the matter can get so big that divorce could be on the cards. 

Why is Gun Milan important during kundali Milan for happy marriages ?

There are around 36 Guns in totally which are important to match while the method of kundali match for marriage. These Guns check the compatibility between the bride and groom. The most reason why they’re so important is that they to a really large extent determine whether the wedding is fit or unfit. If less than 18 Guns are matched, then the wedding is taken into account to be unfit. IF 18 to 24 of them match, then the wedding is widely accepted and advisable. 24 to 32 Guns matching will show the wedding to be a really strong one and if all 36 of them match then the match is taken into account to be made in heaven. Various compatibilities like a position in society, kids, finance, ego, family, love, and emotions are considered. Their so many knowledgeable astrologers who are well versed and experienced should be consulted to avoid any kind of mistake. 

How does kundali matching works for marriages ?

Kundli matching is that the very first and most vital step in marriage. There are times when two very different people come to the fore to spend their life together. This is often where Kundli match for marriage becomes necessary. This helps to perfect any kind of problems that the bride and groom might face in their married life and the way can they be avoided. The method of Kundli matching is often done by the grandparent’s astrologers, parents, or anyone who is experienced enough during this field. This process features a very old base. It arrives from the very old Ashtakuta methodology. It lays emphasis on the right compatibility of the 2 parties involved in terms of affection, kids, ego, and lots more. If any kind of Dosh or problem appears within the Kundali of either of them, certain ways are often wont to tackle them and help the bride and groom lead a cheerful married life. 

Boy and Girl Kundli Matching for Marriage :

In Hindu culture, Kundli matching is an essential step before finalizing a marriage alliance. It is believed that matching the birth charts of the boy and girl can help determine their compatibility.  A Kundli is a detailed astrological chart that represents the exact positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth. Multiple factors are considered during the Kundli matching process. 

The first step is to check the Guna Milan, which involves matching the 36 Gunas or qualities of the boy and girl. Each Guna carries different points, and a minimum of 18 points is considered essential for a good match. The Gunas are based on various aspects like mindset, health, career, and family background. 

Another important aspect is the compatibility of the Moon signs of the boy and girl. The Moon sign represents the emotional and mental compatibility between the couple. The presence of certain Doshas, or astrological faults, in the Kundlis is also considered during matching. Common Doshas include Mangal Dosha and Nadi Dosha, which may impact the marital harmony. If any Dosha exists, specific remedies or rituals may need to be performed. 

Astrologers also analyze the houses and planets in the Kundlis to predict the couple’s married life. The seventh house, which symbolizes marriage, is of utmost importance. Other factors like the placement of Venus and Jupiter are also taken into consideration. Kundli matching is considered a guide, but compatibility extends beyond astrology. It is essential for couples to communicate, understand each other, and build a strong foundation for their marriage. 

While some people may place great importance on Kundli matching, others may not consider it necessary. The final decision regarding marriage should be based on mutual understanding and respect between the couple. Remember that astrology is just one tool to help navigate relationships, and love and commitment are what truly matter. Whether you choose to follow Kundli matching or not, trust your instincts and make decisions that feel right for you.

Conclusion: Regardless of the criticism, Kundali Matching continues to be a widely followed and respected practice in Indian culture. Many people still trust it as an essential factor in choosing a life partner, while others view it as superstition. Whether or not to follow Kundali Matching is a personal choice, and it is up to the couples and their families to decide whether to rely on it or not. However, it is important to approach Kundali Matching with an open mind and not let it overshadow important factors like equality, mutual respect, and shared values in a marriage. Ultimately, true compatibility in a marriage lies in the heart and actions of the couple themselves, rather than in the stars and planets. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and it’s essential to find a partner with whom you share happiness, love, and compatibility.