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Palmistry, hand analysis, cheiromancy, cheirognomy, palm reading, hand reading – they all share one important thing in common; they can be used as a tool which can help you to know yourself! A knowledge of palmistry can help YOU to become happier and to feel more at ease with yourself; it can help you to enjoy a happier life experience and become more accepting of yourself as an individual with your own very unique potential.

A knowledge of hand analysis really does help to improve your confidence by allowing you to learn more about yourself and to make the very best of your life as well as aid you in being more understanding and accepting of the differences between you and other people around you.

How Palmistry Services Work?

I have been reading and analysing hands for nearly thirty years and love the uniqueness and potential I find in every hand I look into. If you would like to learn more about yourself and others in your life, please remember to bookmark this site and visit us often!

Short Fingers

Fingers are considered short if the middle finger measures less than 75% of the palm.  To work out if you have long or short fingers, measure from the middle fingertip to the crease where the middle finger joins the palm and then measure from that same crease down to the bottom of the palm (the top crease of your wrist).

People with short fingers process information very quickly but can be impatient.  Quick to sum up situations, these people are likely to respond instinctively or intuitively and can become bored with small and what they consider to be less important details.  Short fingered people find it easy to meet deadlines and will cut a few corners if necessary in order to get a job done.

Long Fingers

Fingers are considered to be long when, after measuring, the middle (Saturn) finger is found to be more than 80% of the palm length.

To work out the finger length, measure from the middle fingertip to the crease where the middle finger joins the palm and then measure from that same crease down to the bottom of the palm.People with long fingers tend to look at and ponder all the small details in life, and notice things that many with shorter fingers might miss.  For example, if you have a small stain on your carpet you can be sure the long fingered person is more than likely to notice it.

Long fingered people are very good working in jobs or careers which involve attention to detail and tend to believe that a job is not worth doing if not done properly.  Skimping and cutting corners is not something a long fingered person enjoys doing.  If you want a job done thoroughly, a long fingered person is the best choice although they can become so bogged down in detail that it might take them longer to complete a task than a shorter fingered person.The longer the fingers, the more thought, planning and careful consideration will be applied to life.In general, long fingered people are attentive to detail, patient, thoughtful and thorough.

Hand Consistency in Palm Reading

Hard Hands

The skin of hard hands does not give under pressure and feels solid and unyielding to the touch.

People with hard hands tends to be hard working and are not afraid of physical exertion and manual work.  They can tend to be a little inflexible in their approach, wondering why others may be finding it difficult to keep up with them.

Elastic Hands

The skin in elastic hands yields to the touch but then immediately springs back People with elastic hands could never be considered lazy because they tend to like getting things done and taking action.  These people are vital, energetic and show enthusiasm when carrying out their ideas and plans

Soft Hands

These hands feel soft to the touch but the skin does not spring back quite so readily as elastic hands

Soft handed people are not likely to be quite as enthusiastic about physical exertion as their elastic handed friends.  Those with soft hands are not lazy but find they simply cannot match the same energy levels as those with hard or elastic hands.  Physical energy is more likely to come in short bursts of enthusiasm but occasional rests and breaks will be appreciated.

Soft, Flabby Hands

These hands offer no resistance to pressure whatsoever, and will squash under your touch.

People with very soft, flabby hands do not enjoy physical exertion, preferring an altogether quieter existence.  They are, however, very aware of their physical senses and may often be found dreaming or talking about activities which require some kind of physical exertion.   However, for many with soft, flabby hands such physical activity is likely to remain as a dream or an idea only.  Flabby handed people may have many ideas and plans but somehow never quite get round to putting them into action.

The fees for asking any one question related to your life like Love, Marriage,  Health & Career etc. is five hundred one Rs only.

The fees for complete  astrology predictions with detailed horoscope analysis and astro remedies is One thousand one Rs only.

The fees for people who live outside India is Fifty US Dollars only for complete astrology predictions and Free Horoscope.