Where to Keep Temple in House

Where Should we Keep Temple at Home

Every Hindu keeps pooja mandir and now people ask astrologers where to keep temple in house. At Home In the current complex situation, we don’t figure out an ideal opportunity for ourselves to examine the different reasons that lead us to disappointments in well being, riches or connections. The greater part of these issues are associated with major Vastu and Feng Shui surrenders. Experts records a few decrees which may assist you with expanding positive energy in your home. The wooden mandir should put at a stature legitimate to the guest plan. It ought to be kept at a tallness directly at a similar level an individual’s body sitting or remaining before it. Additionally, over that tallness, it would be hard for the individual to see the God.

Vastu for temple at home

Without puja mandir, the Indian homes are inadequate, on the grounds that individuals have a convention for performing every day puja. These days, everybody is giving greater need to puja mandirs in home as per vastu. So, where to keep temple in house (sanctuary for god) are planned in a house to adore God. Also, they have built a sanctuary in house plan with more development.

Vastu for Temple at House, Office and Commercial Spaces

  • Continuously remain in the focal point of your home with a compass in your grasp to discover the headings of your home. The principal entrance is the mouth of a house which acquires the energy.
  • Evade a property which has an entryway pointing toward the south-west, as it is the passage of the rogue energy and gets battle and hardships.
  • On the off chance that your home as of now has one, fix two Hanuman ji tiles outside the entryway and see the distinction.
  • The puja room or symbol bearing of god or goddess kept in the home, office, and business spaces. It’s inadequate without right Vastu Shastra.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the North-Eastern or Eastern corner of the house is viewed as amazing to keep the Puja Mandir. Furthermore, it carries best of luck to your place.
  • Which direction should god face in pooja room? God should look in pooja room ought to point toward the west and lover face toward the east.
  • For setting ruler icons in Puja Mandap, the size of the symbols ought to be important or lesser to the Mandap. Mandir size isn’t significant while doing puja.
  • The Diya ought to be kept or lit the south-east way. Puja room is an important piece of a home and an ideal spot for giving the god.

Vastu for pooja room in flats

In the event that you recollect the mandir in your grandma’s home, you will have the option to distinctively picture columns of icons, flawlessly organized and adored with care. Pooja room vastu directs that your venerated images ought to never confront one another. Notwithstanding which heading your pooja room is in, the symbols and pictures of divine beings should confront the north-east. While supplicating, it is viewed as promising to confront the north-east, north or east, so place your deities as needs be. Your pooja room is a peaceful space, so it ought to have a quiet tone. Look over the consistently famous white, cool blues, or gentler shades of yellow and orange.

Mandir direction in home as per Vastu Shastra

Specialists propose utilizing sensitive and relieving colors in your mandir to enlarge the holiness of the space. In the event that you need a vastu-affirmed pooja room, put in a safe spot space for the heavenly on the ground floor of your condo. This space ought to ideally be away from the washroom and flights of stairs. Vastu specialists exhort us against keeping our deities inclining toward the divider in the pooja room. You can achieve this without acquiring significant changes to your mandir plan. Just leave an inch and half of room between your golden calves and the divider.

5 things to keep in pooja room

Hindu should keep holy Book Bhagwat Gita, Incense or Dhoop , Ghee Diya , Flowers, Hawan samagri. With this, the incense can spread across the room, making it smell fragrant. Lighting lights and candles in the pooja room has been an unchallenged custom. As indicated by vastu, this wards off negative energies. Along these lines, place your lights before the icons in the south-east. Discover lights that connect to your style, and you’re all set. According to vastu, keeping broken or broke symbols of divine beings and offering petitions to the equivalent is foreboding. This can cause vastu doshas. In this way, avoid pictures of war and hardship. Decide on alleviating photos all things being equal, on the off chance that you should. So now after reading this useful astrology article you understand well where to keep temple in house.

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