Know your lucky Gemstone

Natural Gemstones and crystals are very popular nowadays and most people wear them as jewelry. According to Astrology every individual can wear his or her lucky gemstones to improve his luck and quality of life. Astrology remedies to remove negative effects of planets includes wearing of gemstones. Gemstones are crystals of various colors and they are precious, semi precious , some rare gemstones and some common ones which are available easily at affordable prices. Many gemstones are used in healing and protection from evil eye.

             Expert Indian Astrologer Shishir rai can recommend your most lucy gemstone for life by analyzing your horoscope. Wearing Gemstone can help a person increase the positive aspects of the planets . Every gemstone is associated with some planet and Zodiac Signs. Wearing a Gemstone absorbs the ray from the respective planet and passes the energy into the body. This ray increases the positive power or aspect of the Planet in the native’s life. It also removes the negative energy from body.

How Gemstone Works

MoonAsto covers detail information of some of the important gems stones here.

There are many more other Gem Stone, Crystals and some Natural Gems which are not artificially made but Fresh product from Gem Mines which are not covered here. Thos stones either very popularly known as Gem Stone for a Planet or act as Substitute of a Gem listed above as available in much cheaper Price.

There are certain rules that should be followed to get maximum benefit from a Gem Stone as per Indian Astrology. These rules are related to the Weight of the Gem, Time to wear the Gem, Color of the Gem(Like Diamond can be available in various color, but For Venus only recommended color is White), etc. Wearing bigger size may inversely effect native’s fate and lesser size may create very less impact. After sample study on millions of persons, Indian Astrologers now experienced enough and came up with standards which is followed across by all Vedic astrologers.

It is very important for you to know that having multiple Gem stones (generally more than 2) makes a person’s life painful. Native will have sleep-less night, causing continuous tension in life and will be thinking or fearing a lot for unknown problems that may come next day into his/her life. Hence, even when an Astrologer recommends multiple Gem Stone for multiple problems in Life, Native need to prioritize the problems and wear the least possible Gems.

Before wearing a Gem, it should be first Cleaned with Milk and Ganga (or any Big Holy River) Water and Dry in Sun Light. After cleaning process is done, wear in the specific finger in a ring as per the table bellow.

Gem Stone Planet Metal Weight Finger Time
Garnet Rahu Silver 8 Ratti Middle Satday Night
Blue Sapphire Saturn Iron 4 Ratti Middle Satday evening
Amethyst Saturn Iron 10 Ratti Middle Satday evening
Moon Stone Moon Silver 10 Ratti First Monday Morning
Cat’s Eye Ketu Silver 4-5 Ratti Little Thurday Night
Coral Mars Silver 8 Ratti Ring Tuesday Morning
Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Gold 4 Ratti First Thurday Morning
Diamond Venus Platinum 1/4 Ratti Ring Friday Morning
Pearl Moon Silver 4-5 Ratti First Monday Morning
Zircon Venus Silver 8 Ratti Ring Friday Morning
Emerald Mercuty Gold 4 Ratti Little Wedday Morning
Ruby Sun Copper 3-4 Ratti Ring Sunday Morning

Indian Vedic Astrologers goes by the Chart above to recommend Get Stone size, wearing finger and wearing time.

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