The benefits of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Benefits

Feng Shui Benefits and Tips :

Have you ever heard of Feng Shui ? Though it is an ancient art but, it has got wide recognition in the modern world. Feng Shui is a part of ancient Chinese metaphysics that balances the flow of energy in your house to bring prosperity and success in your life. It simply means the way you arrange your things in your room can affect your happiness, success and brings fortunes to your life. The word Feng means wind and Shui means water. It is an art to balance these two elements in your home to attract wealth, success and prosperity. The benefits of Feng Shui are endless. In the modern world, it is used for attracting wealth, career advancements, bring harmony in relationships; find your love partner, improved emotional and mental health, etc.  It brings good luck and adds fortunes in your life. It is based on the premise that every article in our surroundings has some impact on our life. So, the way we keep things impacts our life a lot. Let us see some areas of our life that we can improve by following simple tips of Feng Shui.

To Grow Wealth:

We all want to grow our financial wealth. It is a pleasure when we like something and have money to buy it. By following simple tips of Feng Shui you can open the door for abundance of wealth.
  • You should always keep area near your front door clean. You should remove anything dirty near your front door. It is better to keep it lighted and have some fresh green flowers pots near your gate.
  • Always keep the area near your entrance hall free of shoes, remove the dirty carpet and have proper lighting in it.
  • You can also display symbols of wealth in your home like laughing Buddha, money plant, Chinese coins, etc.

Finding Your Partner:

If you are looking for a perfect partner in your life, then Feng Shui is of great help. By adopting these simple tips you can attract your soul mate in your life.
  • You should do a thorough inspection of your bedroom? Is the bed accessible to both the partner? Do you have two pillows in your bedroom? We pay little concern on these things but have a wide impact on our energy. It shows how open we are to accept love in our life.
  • Clear your closest of things you are not using, keep equal space in your closet for your partner, and have a watch on the energy flow in your room.
  • You should avoid keeping television, your work computer files in your bedroom. You may keep Feng Shui love cures in marriage or love bagua area like arts that depicts love, use fragrant candles, etc.

Exponential Rise in Business:

In order to, have exponential rise in your business you need to inculcate habits like showing gratitude to your customer. You and your staff should behave friendly and politely to your customer. Besides these basics behavioural changes you may follow basics Feng Shui tips.
  • As per Feng Shui the placement of your desk in the office determines your chances of success and prosperity in your business. Your desk should be placed diagonally to your entrance hall with a solid wall at your back to give you support and authority.
  • You may also have some live plants in your office to improve quality of air and freshness inside the room.
  • In Feng Shui, water plays a crucial role in bringing money to you. You may have an aquarium or small fountain on your desks for bringing the abundance of wealth from your business.
Career Advancements:
Each of us wants a successful career in our life. But sometime we struggle as we are not clear on our goals. It is very essential to have clarity in our mind. Some simple Feng Shui tips included to achieve great success in the carrier are:
  • You should keep your study table organized and clutter free. There should be a circulation of fresh air in your study room. This keeps you fresh and energetic.
  • Your study room should be lighted and bright. You may position your desk and bed as per your Feng Shui positions. It will bring success and bring helpful people in your life.
  • You may use Feng Shui symbols like horse symbol for your career success. It is a powerful symbol often kept in a Fame area of Bagua as well as in career area.
Good Health:
These days we are suffering from various lifestyles diseases. They have increased in our life due to our poor lifestyle and living conditions. Simply following these Feng Shui principles you can create an awesome health for yourself.
  • You should always try to take a comfortable sleep. While sleeping keep your head position diagonally away from the main door. This helps to keep a view of the entire room and protect you from harmful rays.
  • Keep your house clean and clutter free like removes the dress you are not using, remove the numbers from your phone whom you really talk. These simple techniques will open for more energy and brings positive energy in life.
Feng Shui is not a magic but simple acts of balancing energy in your life and surroundings. These simple yet impressive measures will gradually transform your life for better days. Feng Shui techniques have transformed the life of millions of people.  They are easy to do and bring good fortunes in life.

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