Kaal Sarp Dosh

Kaal Sarpa Yoga

Kaal Sarp Dosh :

Introduction: In Hindu mythology, the story of Samudra Manthan narrates the origin of Raghu and Ketu. One of the myths is that, humans used to live for thousands of years in Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga. The origin of Rahu and Ketu reduced the life span of normal human beings. It is believed that Rahu and Ketu belong to the asura (demon) family they always do bad things to others, it’s completely incorrect to say. When Rahu with snake head and Ketu with snake body. In the natal chart, their position determines beneficial and malefic effects to the person. Everyone get confused Kaal sarp dosha with sarpa dosham. Sarpa dosham effects the person even after the death. The causes for sarpa dosham can be without proper ritual cremation, sudden death, suicided, accident, cremation done by strangers, cremation leaving any body parts. Whereas Kala sarp dosha is hereditary or can only be seen during Vimsottari dasas. Kala sarp dosha as plain and transparent remedies contrasting to the sarpa dosham. Sarpa dosham should be monitored very carefully in the natal chart.  

What is Kala sarp Yoga and Kaal sarp Dosha ?

In the natal chart, if the seven planets are aligned in between Rahu and Ketu is known as Kaal sarp dosha. People get confused with Kaal sarp yoga and dosha . Yoga means Lucky phase in life, whereas dosha is unlucky phase in life. The intensity of kala sarp dosha will reduce significantly at the age of 32. The planet movement is clockwise, but the movement of Rahu and Ketu is anti-clock wise. If under the influence of the Rahu, all the planets move towards the Rahu is known as Kala sarpa Yogam. On contrary, all the planets move towards the Ketu is known as Kala sarpa Dosham. There are different kinds of Kala Sarp Dosha are there, the position  and the placement of Rahu and Ketu in the natal chart:
  1. Anantha Kaal Sarp dosha : When Rahu and Ketu placed, 1st house and 7th house.
  2. Kulika Kaal Sarp dosha : When Rahu and Ketu placed, 2nd house and 8th house.
  3. Vasuki Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 3rd house and 9th house.
  4. Sankapala Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 4th and 10th house.
  5. Padmakala Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 5th and 11th house.
  6. MahaPadma Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 6th and 12th house.
  7. Takshaka Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 7th and 1st house.
  8. Karkotaka Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 8th and 2nd house.
  9. Sankachooda Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 9th and 3rd house.
  10. Ghataka Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 10th and 4th house.
  11. Vishadhara Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 11th and 5th house.
  12. Seshanaga Kaal Sarp dosha : when Rahu and Ketu placed, 12th and 6th house.

Effects of Kaal Sarp dosh :

  1. Chronic health problems and family will face troublesome.
  2. Surrounded by neighbour problems and financial troubles.
  3. Quarrel with siblings.
  4. Trouble with family members like mother, home and vehicles.
  5. Problem with spouse and children.
  6. Health and debt problem.
  7. Financial troubles in business and misunderstanding in marriage life.
  8. Frequent accidents will occur and a slight misunderstanding in marriage life.
  9. Father and son relation will be affected.
  10. Finding jobs will be difficulty and business will see downfall.
  11. Financial problems.
  12. Debts will cause sleepless nights.

 Remedies for Kaal Sarp Dosh :

  1. The person effect with Kaal sarp dosh need to please Rahu bhagwan. They need to offer milk to Rahu idol, and they need to visit the temple THIRU-NAGESHWARAM near KUMBAKONAM. Which is believed to the birthplace of Rahu bhagavan.
  2. Visiting Kalaasthri temple and performing Nivarthi Pooja will reduce the effects of Kaal sarp dosha. Kala asthri located 40 km from Tirupati temple.
  • The milk abhisheka should be offered on their birth star day.
  •  While visiting kala asthri should not visit the Tirupati temple.

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