The best tips for having the right Vastu balance for your house

Indians believe a lot in superstition and Vastu. While a house is made of furniture and walls, this is not just a mere shelter for us. This is the place where one looks for peace and if the Vastu of this place is not right, then it may have a major impact on our mental tranquility. When one takes so much care to have the best furniture and home décor, why not lay a lot of emphasis on the Vastu also? Vastu for home is a major factor, that today’s youth keeps in mind.

While this is one important factor most of the people consider, here are few quick tips to keep in mind –

The main entrance of your house must be located in the eastern side – if you have north, then ensure the door is located in the northern eastern section and similarly if the door is situated in the South side then, place it towards the south east side.

Staircase location – If you plan to have stairs in your house, then the best Vastu for home in regards to staircase is to build your stairs in the South – west corner of your house. If this location is not possible, then the second best place is the west or south position of your house.

These are just two common tips that you could keep in mind while looking for the house that suits your requirements and which is Vastu compliant. If Vastu of home is not balanced it may create a lot of problems for the family residing there.  It is always recommended to consult an Vastu expert for detailed analysis of your Home. Also before making a new home you should seek advice of Vastu expert for peace and progress.