Benefits of wearing the Rudraksha

rudraksha benifit

One mukhi rudraksha :

One mukhi rudraksha is lord shiva himself/ shiva swarup. Benefits of wearing one mukhi rudraksha is that one can removed even sin like brahma hatya , if had realization. It increase age. It is related to planet Sun.

Two mukhi rudraksha :

Two mukhi rudraksha is shivashakti ardhanareshwor swarup. Benefits of Wearing two mukhi rudraksha is that it  helps to remove many kind of sin. It brings happiness and joy. It is related to planet Moon.

Three mukhi Rudraksha :

Three mukhi Rudraksha is sakshat lord agni dev. Benefits of wearing three mukhi rudraksha is that it removes all kind of sin as well as it removes estri hatya( women murder). It brings peace and comfortabilty.

Four mukhi Rudraksha :

Four mukhi Rudraksha is Swayam lord Brahma Rupa. Benefits of wearing four mukhi rudraksha is that it brings and develop knowledge and mind. It also helps to attain wealth and also concentrate mind on religion and spirituality.

Five mukhi Rudraksha :

Five mukhi Rudraksha is lord kalagni Rudra. Benefits of wearing five mukhi rudraksha is that it remove sin of any thing eaten and remove all fault. It will finish all sin by destroying in Kala -agni(fire).Thought thing on mind will be success.

Six mukhi Rudraksha :

Six mukhi Rudraksha is Sakshat lord kumar kartikeya. Benefits wearing five mukhi rudraksha is that it remove murder sin bramha hatya as well it protect and keep guarding in trouble and problem/ fearless situation. It makes sddha and also increase more profit on business.

Seven mukhi Rudraksha :

Seven mukhi Rudraksha is Sapta matrika, mother. Benefits wearing Seven mukhi rudraksha is that wearer is always safe, and direct seven mother keep guarding to devotee and all sin and trouble will be removed. It brings happiness and prosperity in life. It is blessed by seven rishi/seven mother , it removes disease of wearer.

Eight mukhi Rudraksha :

Eight mukhi Rudraksha is symbol of batuk bhairav and lord ganesh representation. Benefits of Wearing Eight mukhi Rudraksha is that it gives knowledge, mind, physical and spirtual power, Realizement, makes healthy, makes far from diseases, as well it make far from fear, obstacle, problems and enemy free. It also makes free from sin like Rice mistake, friend mistake, women mistake, and other sins. Eight mukhi Rudraksha brings peace and calms.

Nine mukhi Rudraksha :

Nine mukhi Rudraksha is Navdurga mata and some devotee says lord bhairav. Benefits of wearing nine mukhi rudraksha is that it brings power of mind, knowledge, brightness, mukti and bhukti. It guard on every trouble of life. It helps to walk in discipline way of life and also said dharma raj bless this rudraksha and wearer in some scripts. It gives bless of 9 pilgrimage darshan even wear of worship nine mukh rudraksha.

Ten mukhi Rudraksha :

Ten mukhi Rudraksha is lord janardhan narayan bhagwan. Lord vishnu ten mukhi rudraksha is very superior god of universe ,who is presever of universe. Benefits of wearing ten mukhi rudraksha is that all ghost, giant, black magic, etc will run away from house as well as rudraksha keeps protection against from fear and problems.10 avatars vishnu blesses wearer, it give love affection among each other and brings peace in mind and heart.

Eleven mukhi Rudraksha :

Eleven mukhi Rudraksha is lord ekadash rudraksha and lord vishnu. Benefits of wearing eleven mukhi rudraksha is that it gives bless and boon of all yagya, increase immunity power and knowledge, brain. It gives soul, mind peaces. Atma and chitta shanti.

Twelve mukhi Rudraksha :

Twelve mukhi Rudraksha is lord surya dev,l ord of universe lord sunlight, aditya. Benefits of Wearing twelve mukhi pleases and make happy forever to 12 aditya. Power always remain on wearer like lord surya. Devotee will be happy and all sin will be removed and destoyed by lord surya. lord shiva also blesses 12 mukhi rudraksha will be save from wild animals, fault will be finished who wear twelve mukhi rudraksha.

Thirteen mukhi rudraksha :

Thirteen mukhi rudraksha  is bless by lord kumar kartikeya, lord indra and also represents kamdev, wearer will be always busy in work . Benefits of wearing thirteen mukhi rudraksha will get different offer for earning. All health problem will be finish and it fulfilled heart wish. It makes life successful.

Fourteen mukhi rudraksha :

Fourteen mukhi rudraksha is always blessed by lord shiva parvati and lord hanuman. Benefits of wearing fourteen mukhi rudraksha is that it always gives victory even in small work, hence it makes work success. It make people far from ghost and black magic.Lord shiva parvati always bleess the wearer if chanted lord shiva and parvati with realization.Pancha mukhi hanuman will be guard on problem,helps to solve problem,wearer will not get anykind of fear. It increases positive energy.It provides mukti moksha.It helps to grow,develop,personal life and family. Those who wear fourteen mukhi rudraksha is lord shiva himself which is written in shastra.

There are also various other mukhi rudrakshas but they are rarely found.

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