Benefits of wearing Moonstone

rudraksha moonstone

Moonstone meaning:

Moonstone, traditionally referred to as Chandrakaantha Mani, is an opalescent stone.  According to science it is a mineral called feldspar. There are two types of moonstones – orthoclase or albeit. Moonstones are semi-precious stones, also called Upratna. They’re delicate and milky-white stones. Moonstones are  not rare and are found in countries including the US,  Germany, Brazil and Australia. In their astrological form, these are from India and Sri Lanka which is also the  simplest and purest form of moonstones. These stones are an honest example of adularescence, which provides them with a glow from inside out which is why it has always been attracting humans. According to Hindu beliefs, the stone was created by moonbeams and it is also claimed to be a crystalized bead of moonlight. According to Hindu mythology the ruler of Moonstone is Moon God,  Chandradeva, therefore it shows his attributes. Like every planet, the Moon also has certain characteristics like fears, restlessness, and irrational thoughts. So as to urge the Moon’s benefic characters like calmness and emotional balance, one should wear a Moonstone.

Benefits of wearing Moonstone:

The moonstones are claimed to possess some extraordinary healing and calming properties. If someone is affected by anxiety or is over-aggressive, the moonstone keeps them calm. It is also said to cure health issues related to fertility. Moonstones stimulate a good sleeping pattern and cures insomnia. Moonstone is also  claimed to assist in striking an emotional balance . In  case of someone , who is  feeling too confused or lost , wearing it might help. Moonstones  are also known to  protect against negative energies. It stimulates the heart and sacral chakra in the body which enhance mystical  abilities and stimulate inner growth and intuition. This stone helps to plug love in people, as well, by triggering kundalini energies and promoting blood flow. Also considered to be a travelling stone, it’s also said to provide protection ashore and on the ocean . Traditionally Meditation is done with a moonstone as it enhances one’s positivity, creativity, and intuition. Moonstone is also beneficial  for holistic therapies based on vibrational strength that generates and transmits energies around our body. Moonstones are also believed to be beneficial for expecting mothers, as it’s  vibrations help in easing the process of childbirth. It also promotes  good health  for the infant and mother. An aspiring businessman may see a spike in upcoming business opportunities after wearing a moonstone. Keeping a moonstone near while one sleeps can ward off nightmares. One enjoys the feeling of happiness  and satisfaction after wearing a moonstone as it makes the person selfless. A moonstone works as a catalyst  in providing it’s  bearer physical strength. Moonstones are also very popular being a skincare accessory. It is used as facial rollers which makes the facial skin tight and the face looks more sculpted.

Correct Way to Wear Moonstone :

You need to wear it after a session with an expert astrologer. After being administered by way of an astrologer, you have to chant the mantras of the Moon God. It ought to be embedded in silver or gold. After getting the ring made, keep it in pure and unboiled cow’s milk for about eight hours. Then, you have to pray to Chandradeva to seek blessings. With an incense stick, swirl round it eleven times. Now, it is equipped to be worn. It has to be worn in the little finger of the working hand  on a Monday of Shukla Paksha between four am to seven am in the morning. One can feel the benefits properly on the fifth day from the day of wearing it. The benefits will last up to two years, after which the stone of the ring has to be changed.

Conclusion :

The Moonstone is a moderate Ratna in Hindu Astrology. It is the best stone to be worn by anyone . But, it is usually recommended to get an opinion from an online astrologer. Moonstones are the substitutes for Pearls but astrological advantages of pearls are higher in magnitude as compared to moonstones. The moonstone being so delicate and soft one needs to be very careful while cleaning the jewellery.  Anyone can wear a moonstone as it causes no harm and is becoming very popular as a piece of fashion jewellery because of it’s  moonlike shimmer.

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