What does astrologer mean ?


Meaning of Astrologer :

At some point of time in life, we all think about our destinies. When an individual works day in and day out and things don’t turn out to be fruitful or when someone suffers bad karmic consequences, they tend to think more about their fate. A man may hold very strong scientific beliefs but there is no man who would not like to know about his future. In short, fate and future are intertwined and they are part of astrology. So, who should we reach out to for knowing about the planets and stars that direct the future of a person? An astrologer ! You might have seen daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes in newspapers and online astrology portals. They are prepared according to the predictions of an astrologer . Sounds magical ! Isn’t it? Besides this, astrologers are great consultants about life and the dos and don’ts that need to be practiced for a better tomorrow. History provides us with innumerable evidences of astrology. It started in 2nd BCE and continued to grow thereafter. It was practiced in regions like Egypt, Greece, Rome, England, India and so on. This evidence gives rise to another very important fact that astrologers varied in their practices, customs and the systems of prediction. Irrespective it their religious affiliations, astrologers from all walks of life contributed in the study of astrology. For instance, the Egyptians began the tradition of Horoscopic astrology, Greeks transmitted the theory of astronomy to Rome, Hindu texts like Horasastra and Saravali were great compositions on astrology, the Arabs and Persians too worked on translations of Hellenistic texts.

Astrologer Online :

Online astrology service is provided by expert astrologer who has studied astrology course from reputed college. Another interesting thing that an astrologer does is that he can explain about the personality of a person and what’s more intriguing is he does it all by relying on a framework that uses the knowledge about the positions of astronomical bodies like the sun, the moon and many other celestial bodies. The job of an astrologer is like interpreting the hidden messages that the outer space conveys. Astrologers form an integral part of the Indian society and culture. In matters pertaining to career and marriage or even for daily life, their consultancy is solicited and valued. It is important to tell here that the extent of its influence is so vast that in 2001, a proposal was made in India to use state money in order to fund researches relating to astrology. It prompted various universities to offer courses in vedic astrology. With this move, we can surely expect a more organized approach towards learning and understanding astrology and so we can lead the world by decoding our own manuscripts on astrology of the ancient times. Just like the touch of a doctor heals the patient, a good guidance by an astrologer heals the soul of a believer. If you are searching fo astrology consultation you can consult world famous astrologer in india. Shishir rai is best indian astrologer with more than ten years of experience and satisfied clients around the world.

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