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The blue sapphire could be a gem of the corundum family. Typically white sapphires, rubies, and blue sapphires are found within the same mine, which is why there’s a combination of colors within the crystals of those gems. Ruby is tougher than white sapphire (known as pukhraj), and blue sapphire is tougher than ruby and it’s hardest of all.

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However there’s a caution. Typically this stone might react adversely. It’s well to first take a look at it for every week before final sporting. It might probably offer you nearly everything you’ll really need – well being, wealth, longevity, happiness. It at identical time restores lost wealth and residence. It brings wealth, name and fame. Additionally provides nice stamina, longevity and security in life.
Following are the final properties of stone
Planet: Saturn
Cosmic Color: Violet
Sign: Capricorn
Element: Air
Time: Sunset
Day: Saturday