Marital Problems

Facing Marriage Problems? The Marriage Astrology Report is suitable for both people already married and those about to marry. Your Horoscopes will be compared in detail and analyzed for the root cause of difficulty. Adequate remedy will also be suggested.

There is no marriage that does not have any problems. However, some marriages face more problems than others, even after repeated attempts to resolve differences.

The Marriage Astrology Report looks into Relationship Problems that we face, and suggests the right remedy to solve these problems.

Regardless, of whether you are married or unmarried, this report will compare the horoscopes of you and your partner for relationship problems in detail, mentioning the areas of difficulty and adequate remedies.

This report will also provide you list of time periods when due to astrological positions, your marital life may face certain problems over the next couple of years / decades.

If you are unmarried and wondering:

  • Is this Mr. Right or Ms. Right for me?
  • Will we have a happy marriage?
  • Will my in-laws be nice?
  • or any such related question

This Marriage Astrology Report will in addition, answer your specific question by looking into more detail on that aspect. Since, this is a more in-depth horoscope analysis than Gun Milan, these predictions are more accurate than that. Regardless, for your information, Gun Milan / Ashtakoot Milan information will additionally be included.

If you are married and are facing severe issues like:

  • Marriage Leading to Divorce
  • Problems with Partner’s Family – Father-in-Law, Mother-in-Law, etc.
  • Husband-Wife Relationship Problems
  • Too many problems
  • Extra-Marital Affair

In such cases, we will go even further in-depth into the problem in this Marriage Astrology Report, and do astrological research into the cause of the marriage problem and provide definitive remedies to resolve the problem.

Astrology Analysis and Remedy can help in you avoiding these problems to start with or atleast solving or negating the worst effects. Order the Marriage Astrology – Relationship Problems Report today to get your answers.

Astrology Consultation Fees :

One Question Fees

Astrologer Online Fees ₹501

The fees for asking any one question related to your life like Love, Marriage,  Health & Career etc. is five hundred one Rs only.

Complete Predictions

Astrologer Online Fees ₹1001

The fees for complete  astrology predictions with detailed horoscope analysis and astro remedies is One thousand one Rs only.

For people outside India

Astrologer Online Fees $50

The fees for people who live outside India is Fifty US Dollars only for complete astrology predictions and Free Horoscope.

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