What is the Mantra to attract your lover ?
It is heartbreaking when your partner shows interest in someone else. Or he may ignore you for no reason. No matter what the situation is, each person wants love. Furthermore, the people want their partners to be their only. For rejuvenating your love relationship again you have to attract your loved one. Don’t worry, we will tell you a few mantras that will work like charm, the Mantras to attract your love. These mantras are in the Sanskrit language and are very pious along with being effective. Try these out to enjoy a happy love life.

  • Patneem Manorama Delhi

First of all, this Sanskrit syllable is for a boy willing to attract his lady love. Now, patneem Manorama this means please give me a woman who is full of Truth and beauty because every man needs a woman who always stands by her with additional loyalty and beauty. In simple words, if you need a loyal woman then try these out for 40 days. Two times a day and you will see the happy result. Moreover, take a rosary consisting of 108 pearls and then chant it by saying the past-ni- maanoo-Rama-this.

  • Aham Prerna

To simplify this Sanskrit syllable aham means I. Which means I am divine love. As you have heard, love attracts love. Similarly, while chanting these aham Prerna words on the rosary will attract your love towards you. Because you’re saying that you are divine love. By saying this again and again you are sending the universe a message that you are precious. Hence, He/ she has to come to you. Above all, anyone can use it. It is not for a particular gender.

Usage: do repeat the word 108 times with a consistency of 40 days. You can do it longer if you are enjoying the benefits.

  • Kamdev Gayatri mantra

The mantra of kamdev is

‘ om kamadevaya vidhamahe
Pushpa Vanaya dheemahi
Thanno kama prachodayat’

Chanting this mantra will give you various benefits. For example, it will attract your partner, raise your sexual energy, enhance the bond between you and improve your love life. Therefore, if you are suffering from any of these then try this mantra. Men and women both can use it to save and attract their love of life.

Use: chant these words on rosary two times a day. Follow this routine for 45 days and get your desired result. While reciting this Sanskrit mantra, keep your lovers picture in your mind.

  • Kleem mantra

Kleem mantra is for attracting your lover. Moreover, fill your mind with goodness, love, depth, kindness and warmth. So that your lover will come to you either forcefully or by himself. But he will surely come back. Moreover, send love messages to your partner. The pronunciation of the kleem mantra is the kleeeem mantra. You have to stretch the word eee. Although, let the word run in every part of the body.

Use: uses are simple yet effective. Time heals everything. Similarly, time will give you back your love and increase attraction power. If you will recite these words again and again. As a result, you get an increase in attraction power.

  • Om chamunday Jai Jai stambhya

It is the Most effective mantra among all. Thus, you have to put lots of effort into this. Firstly, you have to give a red rose to that person whom you want to attract. After that, this powerful mantra will attract the person and command him/her toward you. Also, add new zeal to your life. The full mantra is ‘ om chamunday Jai Jai stambhya, stambhya bhanja bhanja, money sarcastic Namah swaha’. This sounds tricky but good things seem to be difficult.

Uses: chant these words 108 times in the morning. Continue doing it for 41 days. Above all, don’t forget to give me the red rose.

  • Vashikaran mantra

‘ om kali Bhadra kali kapellini mam,
Vasham kori bhavh’

This vashikaran mantra is for attracting your boyfriend/ girlfriend. One thing you have to keep in mind is that after mam in the above line, you put your lover’s name there. According to this Sanskrit mantra, you will attract your partner in such a way that he will never think to go away from you. Moreover, the mantra will enhance love, warmth, love life between you too. So, keep doing this as much as you can.

Uses: take a place where no one can disturb you and then start chanting and reciting the mantra with your beloved name. Repeat the activity 108 times in a day. Furthermore, keep doing it for 50 days to attract your love.


Along with the mantra you can give your love one more thing. Care! Yes, caring is above all. This will never let your partner go away from you. To conclude, recite the mantra to attract your love.