Kundli Matching

Ever wished to possess an extra edge over others in life? Wish that you had a better understanding of what things are lucky for you, and what are unlucky? Do you wish that you can time your moves better and have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses? Your Astrological Birth Chart (Janam Kundli) provides this and much more!

Your astrological Vedic Birth Chart (Janam Kundli) provides this and much more. Your birth horoscope provides a detailed picture of your karmic journey. The report includes a detailed picture of the planetary positions at the exact time of your birth at that location and puts that on your Janam Kundli. You are also provided with a detailed interpretation of the influence of these planets on your karmic journey, and any special combination that exists in your chart.

This Vedic Birth Chart (Janam Kundli) report will specifically provide you predictions on:

  • General Characteristics and Personality
  • Financial Prosperity: Wealth, Fortune, Property and Expenses
  • Family Life: Parents and Siblings
  • Marital Life: Marital Prospects, Spouse and Children
  • Intellectual Prosperity: Education and Intelligence
  • Career Prospects: Profession, Career and Status
  • Health Prospects
  • Life Challenges: Problems, Rivalry, Miseries and Precautions
  • Other Life Pursuits: Spirituality and Travelling
  • Remedy
  • Life Summary

The Janam Kundali report is provided in an easy to read manner, with charts and details explained. Please look at the sample report to experience the comprehensiveness of this report. Order the Vedic Birth Chart (Janam Kundli) Report today to be better prepared for the future and achieve success and prosperity in life.

Astrology Consultation Fees :

One Question Fees

Astrologer Online Fees ₹501

The fees for asking any one question related to your life like Love, Marriage,  Health & Career etc. is five hundred one Rs only.

Complete Predictions

Astrologer Online Fees ₹1001

The fees for complete  astrology predictions with detailed horoscope analysis and astro remedies is One thousand one Rs only.

For people outside India

Astrologer Online Fees $50

The fees for people who live outside India is Fifty US Dollars only for complete astrology predictions and Free Horoscope.

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